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Hi Guys, Help needed.

If you know me you know that I am not one to go cap in hand, but last week I seen so many Thai locals on their arses and had no money for food. Many are the boys and girls we all know and love, those who take care of us every day of our holidays. We are trying to feed as many as possible already, as are one or two other places around Patong. Unfortunately this is a massive drain on us when we have no income ourselves, probably for another year or so.

I want to run a feeding station daily for one month initially for as many people local nationals as possible. To do this I am asking for donations of any size to suppliment our own investment in this despirate cause. This is a diffucult time to ask for donations I know, but if you can spare anything at all, please send to the account below. I will make sure that it is used well and for the very reason you donated. There is no social security worth relying on here for the locals. Dont worry if you cant donate just now, take care of your own first, that is important, but if you can later, please do. Please also note that nobody will be making money out of this project, chef is a volunteer and the utilities are paid by us also. Thank you.

Steve and Nuch.

Or Bank Transfer

BranchPatong Phuket
Account No.020307258325
Account NameNongnut Buayai

Thanks for donating